Remember them with a Memorial Candle

Memories are deep within you and there are times when you want to share and cherish them.
Lighting a Memorial Candle is a special moment on an anniversary or any other occasion. It is a very personal way of remembering a cherished relation.

A memorial Candle is a perfect memento for a loved one who has passed on… but their shining light is not forgotten.

Your Details:

Please fill out the form below with your loved one’s details, select a short verse (Click on verse number to view) and upload their photo. We will email you a final proof for approval before the candle is made.

Candle Sizes:

Our Memorial Candles come in two sizes :

  • SMALL (68mm Wide x 150mm Tall) €25 each
  • LARGE (78mm Wide x 200mm Tall) €30 each.

You can choose size and quantity at the end of the form.

Custom Designed Candle:

If you would like a custom-designed memorial candle with your own specification, please send us a message via the contact form and we will get in touch to discuss with you. There is no charge for this design service. Thank you.