Memorial Candle 10

Memories are deep within you and there are times when you want to share and cherish them.
Lighting Memorial Candles as a special moment on an anniversary or any other occasion is a very personal way of remembering a cherished relation.
How much more intimate is a personalized Memorial Card with a candle that is designed with your particular image, customized theme and verse. Choose from over 700 designs and more than 320 verses and customize your personal Memorial Candle including photographs, background images and memorial verses – beautifully combined especially for you by our expert designers. With your head bowed and in your private thoughts, remember the love you shared.
A perfect memento of someone who has passed on … but not forgotten.
Our Candles come either pre-designed or one can be designed for you to your specifications and design is free of charge our Candles can be fully personalized with your own photos, verses and text. Candles come in two sizes SMALL (68mm Wide x 150mm Tall) €25 each
LARGE (78mm Wide x 200mm Tall) €30 each


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