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Memorial Lifetime Cards

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The death of someone close to us is probably one of the most devastating experiences that we will ever face. The loss and pain can strike very deeply.

We have recently added a new range of lifetime cards to our memorial card range. We wanted to create something positive, to celebrate the life and achievements of a loved ones passing. Unlike a memorial card, bookmark, or wallet card, a Lifetime Card is an extra special way to pay tribute to them.

About Our Lifetime Cards:

Our new memorial Lifetime Cards range have been beautifully and sympathetically designed by a local Irish Designer. Each card has been individually designed to allow each card to be personalized with your photos, verses, and text.

In honoring the lives of our departed, Memorial Cards have stood as a meaningful tribute. Yet, for those desiring a more expansive platform to weave personalized poems, prayers, and photographs, the concept of Lifetime Cards provides a broader scope of possibilities.

Lifetime Cards present a distinct and significant tribute. These larger cards grant ample space for multiple images, prayers, and poems, enabling a comprehensive portrayal of the cherished individual’s life.

Diverging from the conventional size and arrangement of memorial cards, Lifetime Cards encapsulate the essence of an individual’s life, capturing their essence and treasured moments. The increased customization opportunities empower families to craft an entirely distinctive and heartfelt homage.

Creating Meaningful Bonds through Lifetime Cards

Various life stages find representation through multiple chosen images, spotlighting pivotal milestones and cherished instances. Additionally, the incorporation of prayers, poems, and personal reflections offers a holistic and beautiful portrayal of the individual.

Lifetime Cards signify a more contemporary approach to a memorial card. In an era increasingly digital, these cards offer a tangible and sensory connection to the departed, bridging the temporal divide and enabling loved ones to hold a tangible memento of their shared memories.

Catering to both religious and non-religious preferences, Lifetime Cards adapt seamlessly. For those seeking a religious tribute, the incorporation of prayers and religious imagery provides solace and spiritual succor. Conversely, for those inclined towards a secular path, personalized poems, quotes, and images can encapsulate individual beliefs and values.

These exquisite Lifetime Cards offer solace, comfort, and an enduring tribute that can be treasured across generations.”

How to Order Your Cards:

You can fill out the form on each card product page or you can email us with your ideas as to what you would like included in your card.

Each Lifetime Card comes with 3 double-sided sections, printed on the highest quality coated artboard and finished with a high gloss laminate. Please email or message us if you require a sample pack of our cards if you wish to see what they would look like before ordering.  

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