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Memorial Cards Prices

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How Much are Memorial Cards?

memorial card prices

Losing a loved one is always a feeling of sorrow and grief. Celebrating the life and achievements of the person that we lose is the only way to pay our tribute to them. Memorial cards or funeral cards are a great way of treasuring the memory of the person who has departed from this mortal plane. A memorial card has a personalised memento on it and serves as a keepsake that keeps the memory of our loved ones alive in our hearts. In this article, we are going to talk about memorial card prices. Keep on reading to learn more about personalised memorial cards in Ireland.

Types of Memorial Cards

Before we talk about the prices of memorial cards, let’s talk about some unique memorial cards and some categories that are popular in Ireland.

  • Custom Design Memorial Card – If you want a truly unique memorial card then designing your own is the best option. You can choose any picture or design that you want, and you can also choose the color theme that you want to go with. You can choose to highlight a special moment in the life of your loved one who has passed on or you can go with something that shines the light on their character. A custom memorial card gives you the freedom to do whatever you want to create a unique keepsake in the form of a memorial card.

  • Traditional Memorial Card – Sometimes going with a religious or traditional memorial card is the best option especially if your loved one was a religious person. It is a fitting tribute to someone who lived their life serving the Lord. Traditional and religious memorial cards also make for great keepsakes for everyone that attends the funeral service.

  • Nature and Wildlife Memorial Card – Life and death is the circle of life. It is the way the world works. Nature and wildlife-themed memorial card symbolizes this and can make for an excellent memorial card at a funeral service.

  • Irish/Celtic Memorial Card – If you want an Irish/Celtic-themed memorial card then it is also a great choice as it portrays the loyalty of the loved one who has passed on to their roots.

You can check out some other popular types of memorial cards by clicking here.

Now that we have discussed the different types of memorial cards, let’s talk about memorial card prices. When it comes to memorial cards the pricing often depends on the quantity that you are looking to buy. If you order 25 memorial cards then it is going to cost you anywhere between €79-€100 depending on the seller, quality, and design of the card. If you choose to go with a custom design memorial card then it can cost you more. You can check out the detailed list of prices for all kinds of memorial cards by clicking here. If you are interested in buying memorial cards then feel free to contact us by clicking here. You will find that Eternal memorial cards offer the very best Value for money memorial card .