Belfast Co Antrim Memorial Cards


In the heart of Belfast’s legacy lies a unique collection of Belfast and County Armagh’s personalised memorial stationery by Eternal Memorial Cards. Crafted to honour those with a special connection to this vibrant city and county, these exquisite tributes embody Belfast’s spirit through iconic landmarks and personalised touches.

Belfast’s Iconic Landmarks, Timeless Tributes

Belfast in county Antrim’s allure is elegantly reflected in each piece of Eternal Memorial Cards’ collection. From the majestic Titanic Belfast to the historic Belfast City Hall to the Giants Causeway , these landmarks grace Memorial Cards, Memorial Wallet Cards, Memorial Bookmarks, Acknowledgment Cards,  the unique range and also the ever popular  Life Time Cards. Each item is meticulously designed to resonate with the distinct essence of Belfast and Co. Antrim.

Personalisation for Lasting Memories

Beyond Belfast’s beauty, Eternal Memorial Cards empowers families to infuse these tributes with personal sentiments. Cherished photos, heartfelt messages, or meaningful quotes can be incorporated, creating bespoke memorials that echoes the cherished memories of time spent in Belfast and their home county of Antrim.

Craftsmanship and Outstanding Quality

Crafted with precision and care, each piece in the Belfast-inspired collection upholds Eternal Memorial Cards’ commitment to outstanding quality. Whether it’s the intricately detailed Titanic Belfast etching on a Memorial Bookmark or the gracefully embossed Belfast City Hall on an Acknowledgment Card, every item stands as a testament to honouring a life intertwined with Belfast.

Belfast’s Treasured Areas

Drawing inspiration from Belfast’s diverse landscape, the collection features various facets of the city. From the historic Cathedral Quarter to the vibrant streets of the Linen Quarter, each product encapsulates a unique aspect of Belfast into Belfast Memorial Cards, serving as a heartfelt tribute to the departed’s connection to these revered areas.

Preserving Belfast’s Legacy

Belfast, with its stories and landmarks, holds a special place in countless hearts. Eternal Memorial Cards’ Belfast-themed stationery transcends mere tributes; they become enduring memorials, preserving the legacy and soul of Belfast for generations to come.


In moments of loss, finding solace in cherished memories becomes paramount. Eternal Memorial Cards’ Belfast-inspired memorial stationery offers a personalised and poignant way to commemorate a life intertwined with the essence of Belfast. These thoughtfully crafted items stand not just as memorabilia but as living testaments to the enduring bond between individuals and this remarkable city.

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